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Project Description
A native C# program for calculating file checksums in various algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5. Works with .NET 2.0 and above.
Has many options for comparing and outputting the calculated hash.

Usage: checksum -a ALGORITHM [OPTION...] [FILE]

  checksum -a md5 file.txt                   # Calculates MD5 checksum of the
                                               file file.txt
  checksum -a sha1 -t hello                  # Calculates SHA-1 checksum
                                               of the text 'hello'
  checksum -a sha512 -o output.sig in.file   # Calculates SHA-512 checksum
                                               of in.file and writes the hash
                                               to output.sig.


  -a ALGORITHM   Selects the hash algorithm to use.  Defaults to MD5.
                   Allowed values: md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512
  -c SIG         Specifies the signature to compare the checksum with.
                   If the comparison succeeds, return status will be 0.
  -t TEXT        Specifies the input text to calculate the checksum of.
                   This option cannot be used with an input file. If the
                   input text has spaces, enclose in quotes (")
  -e ENCODING    Specifies the encoding of the input text.  Default is ASCII.
                   Allowed values: ascii, utf7, utf8, utf16, utf32
  -o FILENAME    Writes the computed signature to FILENAME in ASCII encoding.
                   Allowed values: ascii, utf7, utf8, utf16, utf32
  -q             Enables quiet mode (no output except the hash).  If -o or -c
                   is also used, there will be no output at all.

How to install?
What I do is put checksum.exe somewhere in my PATH, so i can use it from any directory!

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